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By turns both visceral & wildly sublime, Ox celebrates the embodiment of both the darkness and the light that exists within us. The title comes from the opening song, ‘Alphabet,’ as most alphabets begin with the letter aleph, originating from the egyptian hieroglyph which depicts an ox´s head

On Ox, Gyða presents the vast versatility of her work, demonstrating the ways in which song-making is a form of alchemy, a transformative process of taking something from the darkness and bringing it into light, and the result is an album of otherworldly spaciousness and urgent, fearless intimacy all at once.

Black swan
In Corde
Cute Kittens Lick Cream
Heavenly Piracy
Tell It

Produced by Gyda

All mixes by Úlfur Hansson & Gyda

Mastered by Sarah Register

Cover Design by Gyda

Cover Photo by Eva Schram

Album Artwork by Antje Taiga Jandrig

Layout by Stina Westegaard

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